Great results redefining the eyes with muscle relaxing injections and Semi Permanent Eyeliner at our Surrey Clinic

Combing fillers and PRP for amazing results to lighten dark circles by injecting PRP into the tear trough – treatment carried out at Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey

Dr Devine carrying out Dermal Fillers to the cheeks of a patient at the Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey

Patient being treated with PRP platelet rich plasma to restore hair growth at Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey

Removal of Sun Spots using Plexr ® by  Plexr ® has a wide range of therapeutic uses, being able to treat a number of skin imperfections without any actual cutting of the skin.

Micro-needling using either a dermaroller or dermapen will create small puncture wounds that stimulates rapid repair stimulation boosting skin health and texture.