How Fat Transfers can be used for Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement

How Fat Transfers can be used for Breast Enhancement

Did you know that you can enhance your breast size without breast implants?

A natural way to produce volume in the breasts is by using your own body fat.

We all have pockets of fat around our stomach, flanks, inner thighs, upper arms and hips that could potentially be used as donor sites. These are areas of the body that women naturally store fat. The loss of volume in breast tissue can be caused by pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss. As we age our fat pads generally deflate in the face, breasts and buttocks.

Taking fat from areas of the body where we have more cushioning than we need can even out the distribution of fat in the body and give us natural looking curves again without implants.

This fat grafting technique will not be for everyone as we will achieve more natural, smaller and more subtle enhancement than is usually achieved with breast implants.

So how does autologous fat transfer work?

Fat is taken away by BodyJet liposuction. Most patients are unaware that fat cells are full of stem cells or ‘living’ cells. Stem cells as we know are able to multiply and mimic other living cells in the body wherever they are injected. They will develop their own blood supply in the tissue where they are transferred to and this will make them survive to create added volume.

It is worth noting that fat transfer provides subtle enhancement and therefore it is always a good idea to chat to our specialist surgeon before deciding this is the right treatment for you.

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