Mrs Davina Saunders

Mrs Davina Saunders
Davina has a career in healthcare spanning 35 + years, qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1983.

A good clinician will take the time to know you as a person and devise a unique treatment plan so that you will look radiant, healthy and a happier version of you.

The clinic is discrete, relaxing and friendly with exceptionally high standards. It has built a reputation for carrying out treatments that produce happy outcomes for our patients. We take immense satisfaction that nearly 80% of new patients are as a direct result from patients recommending our services to friends and family.

Our enthusiasm, passion and dedication for cosmetic enhancements and maintenance places us in a unique position to identify with patients and their goals. We carry out all of our uniquely bespoke treatments in a controlled, monitored and safe environment.

You will find Davina professional, welcoming, approachable, knowledgeable and very helpful.

LA – Reigate
Please do not change and keep up the good work.

RG – Surrey
Dear Davina, it was so nice seeing you last Tuesday. As always, your friendliness and professionalism make the experience of coming to the clinic enjoyable. You always make time for me, considerate and respectful, you listen and respond to all the questions & concerns raised. The broadness of your knowledge is impressive and it gives me confidence into all the treatments considered. Your honesty and openness shows integrity as in some instances you told me when treatments were not suitable for me however it does not take away the fact “thanks to you” I am paying for more appropriate treatments. As you know for us patients the experience of coming to the clinic can be quite painful & expensive however with your warmth, care and respect you make it comfortable and worthwhile.

CA – Surrey
Davina has been brilliant, given me very good treatment and excellent advice including some OTC products as well. I have three small children and not always a lot of money to spend so her advice has been invaluable

AH – Reigate
Really helpful have gone above and beyond my expectations

JF – Reigate
I just wanted to say a massive thank you. I have suffered with acne for the last 28years. I have tried so many different treatments over the years and in a last ditch attempt I went to the Harley Street Skin Clinic. Within one month friends were complimenting me on my skin. I feel so happy with the results and cannot believe how effective the treatment has been.

Lovely team, lovely clinic, with a calm and discreet ambiance. The staff were ultra-friendly and the Doctor very professional.