cosmetic surgery procedures

What cosmetic surgery procedures can be done with twilight sedation?

What cosmetic surgery procedures can be done with twilight sedation? We recently explained in one of our blogs about the different types of sedation and in this blog we thought we would cover what types of cosmetic surgery we...

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Why is Sedation an option in Cosmetic Surgery?

Being in a sedated state means feeling relaxed, not anxious, not in pain and with no distress. This state is brought about by administering a sedative or sedatives. When administered correctly you will be in a state of conscious...

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Breast Enhancement

How Fat Transfers can be used for Breast Enhancement

Did you know that you can enhance your breast size without breast implants? A natural way to produce volume in the breasts is by using your own body fat. We all have pockets of fat around our stomach, flanks,...

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Beauty Tips

Top Facial Beauty Tips to Prepare for a Special Event

Building up to your event, questions arise about which are the best beauty options still available and what’s the best use of your beauty budgets. Some options require a little recovery time, others take some time to see the...

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Hair Removal

Dispelling the myths about Permanent Hair Removal

Everyone interested in permanent hair removal will have heard about Laser Hair Removal and IPL hair removal, but many are confused which gives the best outcome. Both offer safe effective treatments that work with different technology and both will...

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Millennials and Cosmetic Procedures in 2018

Millennials and Cosmetic Procedures 2018 It is a fact that in the last two years in particular that younger patients and millennials have created an upsurge in the popularity of cosmetic procedures. The most popular teen and twenty somethings have...

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Aesthetic Medicine

Creating a Local Centre of Excellence for Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery

Reigate is an attractive small surrey town close to the M25 and the stunning Surrey Downs countryside. It reminds me of Marylebone High Street when I worked in Harley Street many years ago before it became such a cosmopolitan...

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treatments for men

Treating your man – 6 of the best treatments for men

Men are beginning to realise that it is OK to have cosmetic treatments and not feel silly. The most popular procedures at Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey are: BOTOX and Dermal fillers Reducing ageing lines and wrinkles and softening expressions make...

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