A year that really opened my eyes with Blepharoplasty


A year that really opened my eyes with Blepharoplasty

2017 was a huge year for my family.

One child turning 21 and in their last year at Uni, one child hitting age 18 and starting their new chapter at Uni, my wife becoming 50 and on top of all of that, celebrating our 25 year anniversary of being together.

Phew! Having reached such significant milestones, no wonder my age was beginning to show around my eyes.

I have always been a keen sports and fitness fan, keep fit and eat healthily and take a balanced approach to enjoying and living life.

But for all this effort, age simply does catch up with us!

For this reason I found myself contemplating something I would never have expected;  exploring ways to looking a little more refreshed as the years roll on.

With each decade comes aesthetic changes with our body, particularly the eyes. They can look heavy, and not reflect the young, fit, full-of-vitality person we still feel inside.

So I arrived at the decision to try out Eyelid Surgery and found myself at the Harley Street Skin Clinic Reigate investigating this cosmetic procedure and how it could help.

I can honestly say that the Eyelid Surgery at the Reigate Skin Clinic in Surrey has taken over a decade off of my eyes. I still look myself, which was very important to me, but more refreshed. The cosmetic procedure was subtle, yet makes such a difference; to how my eyes look and how I feel.


Not only does Eyelid Surgery make a fantastic difference, but it’s long-lasting. Once done, they last for the rest of your life so it’s a truly great investment.


This procedure, also known as an upper blepharoplasty, was less expensive than I expected and I have been delighted with the outcome. Even my spectacles look good again!


When it comes to cosmetic surgery, Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty at our Reigate Skin Clinic is a procedure that men find appealing, makes a huge difference and tend to be open about having done. Studies show that more and more men are opting for it, predominantly to appear younger and feel more confident in the workplace.


If you are interested in Blepharoplasty get in touch with our team for a Free Consultation at our Surrey Clinic on 01737247246, we would be more than happy to talk through your options, and to meet with our surgeon Mr Ian Morgan.