Want to have Cosmetic Surgery but don’t want scars?


Want to have Cosmetic Surgery but don’t want scars?

Want to have surgery but don’t want scars?


Scars after surgery are always a patient’s biggest disquiet when making a decision to have a cosmetic surgical enhancement. Scars leave a label, ‘I have had cosmetic surgery’ and this is not the image that most want to face the world with.


If scarring is your biggest concern and it is this that is preventing you form undertaking a procedure that may make you feel better about yourself then there are steps that will minimise scarring and help to hide any tell-tale signs. It is amazing how quickly scars begin to fade if you follow good advice and pick a good surgeon.


Surgeons techniques and instruments have improved dramatically over the years and most surgery will produce minimally visible scars even after two weeks. Making the most of your recovery time by following good protocols and advice over the first few days, will help you to minimise scars and speed up your recovery time.


Let’s start by explaining what a scar is. Scars are the body’s natural healing response to trauma and they bind the edges of the wound together. Scabs initially form to clean and seal the wound. Scar tissue will mimic the cells of the body where the trauma is, i.e., skin will look like skin, muscle like muscle, bone like bone etc.


Here are 10 tips that will make you heal faster and reduce scar appearance.


  1. Keep your wounds clean regularly during recovery
  2. Apply antibiotic cream to reduce the risk of infection
  3. Regularly use hand hygiene gel before and after contact with your wounds
  4. Eat well. Load yourself with lots of goodness like fruit and vegetables that will give the body the correct nutrients to speed healing
  5. Drink lots of water. The key is drink a lot more water than you would normally
  6. Gets lots of rest interspersed with gentle exercise. The body heals at its quickest whilst at rest.
  7. Do not smoke. You will need to stop smoking both before and after your surgery
  8. Take gentle exercise daily as this will improve circulation and healing time. Get lots of fresh air just because it makes you feel better!
  9. Do not be afraid to touch your scars. Massaging the wounds after your stitches have come out will minimise the look of scars. This cannot be over emphasised
  10. Use silicone scar gel consistently for 12 weeks after the stitches have been taken out

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All scars will disappear in time and are almost invisible after surgery. You will greatly reduce their prominence if you follow the advice above.